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Steering Committee

March 28, 2023


Dear Columbus FUMC Members,

As many of you are aware, and in accordance with the direction and vote of the Church Council, a Steering Committee has been formed to aid in the decisions our congregation will make in what is now a “post-disaffiliation” discussion.  This Steering Committee has been tasked with analyzing and comparing the various Wesleyan/Methodist denominational options that we have before us, to then evaluate how each of these options would fit into the soul and fabric of our church body, and finally, to make a recommendation back to the Church Council of a choice we are confident will be best for our congregation as we grow and move forward.

To maintain the utmost transparency, the Steering Committee felt compelled to share with our members the denominational options that we are considering now.  Along with this update, you will find a chart with detailed information about each of these denominations that answers questions about issues such as Doctrine, Trust Clause, Bishops, Apportionments, and more.  We as a committee encourage all members to familiarize themselves with these various denominations and their differences in order to stay engaged in this process.  

As mentioned, once the Steering Committee has taken all information at hand and evaluated it with the needs of our church at the very forefront, a recommendation will be made to the Church Council, and following that recommendation, the next step in the process will be scheduled for the congregation.

Thank you for your trust and patience in this process.


In His Service,

The FUMC Steering Committee


Chris Carson

Jay Fisher

Celia Ford

Ann Swedenburg

Tom Waller


at Columbus First

Vaughn Stafford | January 29, 2023

Rev. Brian Erickson | February 20, 2023

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